Do you want to win the battle against stretch marks?

We tell you how to prevent and treat this aesthetic problem that affects a good number of people. Now that we are in full operation it is not a bad time to remember one of the 'collateral damages' of weight loss, stretch marks. These marks that appear on our skin are related to those moments when you lose or gain a lot of weight: pregnancy, diets. Logically, if you force the skin to stretch and give of itself like a balloon, as happens during gestation or gaining a lot of weight, it is easy for it to break and tear, causing the appearance of stretch marks.

Whendo you need?

Stretch marks can appear when there is a rapid stretch of the skin and is often associated with enlarged abdomen during pregnancy. It can also occur in boys and girls who have gained weight very quickly or during puberty, at which time the rate of growth soars.Carrying it out successfully is simple: maintain an appropriate weight, maximize the hydration of the skin to preserve its elasticity and incorporate physical exercise into our daily routine to maintain muscle tone and yes use the skin tightening cream for the stomach.

The most common location of stretch marks is in the chest, hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

How it appears?

The stretch marks appear in the form of parallel lines of reddish, shiny and thin skin that over time become whitish and scar-like. Stretch marks may be slightly deep and have a different texture than normal skin. The breakage of the fibers of the skin causes fine white or red scars that become even more unsightly in summer, with the sun.


From a physiological point of view, stretch marks are caused by the stretching of the middle and inner layers of the skin due to pregnancy, puberty,and rapid growth, also by the sudden increase or decrease in weight or bodybuilding. We explain that when there is a breakdown of the collagen and elastin fibres, the skin weakens and they become susceptible to chronic scarring which, like an old elastic band, tends to lose its elasticity. Many dermatologists believe that hormones may also play a role in affecting the ability of the skin to cope with the sudden and prolonged stretching.

They can also occur as a result of abnormal collagen formation or as a result of drugs or chemicals that interfere with the formation of collagen. In the same way, they may be associated with prolonged use of cortisone compounds, diabetes, Cushing's disease and the postpartum period.

What to do?

Prevention is always better, instead of applying remedies to try to diminish the visible effects of stretch marks on the skin. That is why we must attack the problem very seriously before the effects are manifest.

Prevention is the most important thing to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, to prevent them it is essential to apply skin tightening cream for thestomach in the morning and at night in the whole skin, as well as specific cosmetics for stretch marks before going to sleep, performing a gentle massage for its proper absorption.